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We offer you different moments to enjoy during your visit to Cuba: relax on the paradisiac beaches, tourism in the historic cities and first hand experience of the natural beauty of this corner of the Caribbean.

Trinidad Handicraft - Gaviota Hotels

Trinidad Handicraft

At almost 77 years of age, Azariel Santander enjoys art far more than many younger people. His hands, bestowed with a vast and well-known pottery tradition, have given life to hundreds of lumps of clay to the delight of the most discerning and varied tastes.

Sun & Beach - Gaviota Hoteles

Sun & Beach

Idyllic beaches with a variety of fauna and flora, always surrounded by palm trees with fascinating views. Landscapes to disconnect and relax during a dream vacation.

City - Gaviota Hoteles


Havana is a historic city full of different plans to discover during your stay. Approach its streets, mix with the urban environment and look for the best places to visit. It will be an experience you will never forget.

Nature - Gaviota Hoteles


If you want to discover the natural beauty of the island, the spectacular mountain scenery and the fauna of the place, it will allow you to experience magical sensations that will make Cuba a charming place.

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