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At one end of the bay, 3 km from the Historic Center of the city of Baracoa, is the Hotel Porto Santo, recommended for its beautiful views of nature and the city. A beach stands out in its surroundings where a replica of "La Cruz de la Parra" is located, located in the same place that was planted by Christopher Columbus in 1942; considered the oldest Historical-Religious relic preserved in America.

The hotel has 83 rooms with standard format; divided into 4 two-story blocks and 24 cabins; all with air conditioning, balcony, safe; satellite TV; international telephone service, restaurant, snack bar, swimming pool with children's area, beach, medical services, store, parking, and Wi-Fi service.

Baracoa is distinguished by the taste of traditional cuisine and our restaurant "La Santa María" exhibits several dishes on its menu that you can only taste in our region; all presented by the gastronomic brand NATIVA. You can also find international culinary preparations à la carte or in buffet service.

We have the “Ranchón Bahía” Snack Bar, highlighting the traditional Cuban cocktails, and others created for the celebrations of the anniversaries of the Villa such as the “Baracoa Colonial” and “Baracoa 500”, which you can taste while enjoying some traditional snacks made on our Grill.

Expo-sale of handicrafts, theme nights, presentation of native rhythms of the region such as Kiribá and Nengón will be some of the day or night activities that will brighten your stay.

From the hotel reception you can book other extra-hotel services, among them the Boat ride on the Toa River or the Yumurí River, the Cocoa Trail, Tours of the Coconut plantations, or a lunch in one of our Peasant restaurants " Rancho Toa” or Finca Duaba.


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Splendid views of the bay of Baracoa just 3 km from the city in Carretera Aeropuerto s/n, Baracoa, Guantánamo, Cuba.

Baracoa, Cuba

Taste the native flavors of Baracoa and international cuisine.


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