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Villa Gaviota Santiago | Hotels in Santiago de Cuba | Gaviota Hotels

Villa Gaviota Santiago

The Villa is located in the residential area of Vista Alegre, a few minutes from the historical, cultural and commercial center of the hospitable city of Santiago de Cuba, and only 10 km from the International Airport. The natural environment features extensive vegetation and large gardens that allow guests to feel that they are in contact with nature throughout their stay.


El Bosque Hotel ***

Hotel El Bosque ***

As its name suggests, this 4,298.46 m² hotel is located in the “Havana Forest” or the former Botanical Gardens, surrounded by exotic tropical vegetation.

Explore in Topes de Collantes the Villa Caburni | Gaviota Hotels

Villa Caburní***

Villa Caburni is located 800 meters above sea level in Topes de Collantes, and was built between 1955 and 1956 for senior staff, mainly doctors working in the former Sanatorium Center, today the Kurhotel.

Hostal La Rusa | Hotels in Cuba | Gaviota Hoteles

Hostal La Rusa

The hostel is situated in a privileged setting in front of the sea on the Baracoa esplanade, and it is a historic place as the famous Russian woman from Baracoa lived here until her death.

Cayo Cruz | The Marina Plaza Hotel & Spa - Cuba

Hotel La Marina Plaza & Spa

The La Marina Plaza & Spa Hotel is located in the heavenly destination of Jardines del Rey on a beautiful islet with a privileged natural environment. Cayo Cruz surprises visitors with the unprecedented beauty of its turquoise sea and a great choice of water sports and activities.

Hotel Los Helechos ***

Hotel Los Helechos ***

The Los Helechos Hotel is the best option for people who aim to discover this paradise on the island of Cuba.

Villa Pinares de Mayarí Hotel  in Cuba | Gaviota Hotels

Villa Pinares de Mayarí

Located on the Pinares Plateau in Mayarí within the Sierra de Nipe and more than 700 meters above sea level. With regard to its flora, it is one of the most interesting regions in Cuba thanks to the richness of its endemic species, with more than 445 different species in a landscape featuring original pine forests, charrascal and evergreen forests, among others. The biodiversity of the fauna includes more than 90 reported species of birds, 21 of them endemic to Cuba.

Baracoa, Cuba, Gaviota Hotels | Villa Maguana

Villa Maguana

Enjoy exclusive privacy, peace and comfort, only 20 Km (12.42 miles) away from the city of Baracoa.

Hotel Baracoa | Hoteles Baracoa | Gaviota Hotels

Hotel Baracoa

The Baracoa Hotel is located alongside the famous seafront promenade in the first city ever founded in Cuba. It provides excellent views of the city, the bay and El Yunque, one of the most important natural attractions in the area.

Hotel Porto Santo | Hotels in Porto Santo | Gaviota Hoteles

Hotel Porto Santo

The Porto Santo hotel is located at one end of the Baracoa Bay, only 3 km (1.8 miles) away from the city, with excellent views on the Bay and the city, and a small beach in the vicinity of which a replica of the famous “Cruz de Parra” (The Grapevine Cross) can be found at the same place where it was planted by Christopher Columbus in 1492.

Kurthotel Escambray In Cuba | Hoteles In Cuba | Gaviota Hotels

Kurhotel Escambray ****

The Kurhotel Escambray is part of the Topes de Collantes resort, located in the Guamuhaya mountain range in the Central Province of Sancti Spiritus, just 20 km from the World Heritage City of Trinidad.

Hostal Río Miel in Baracoa, Cuba | Hoteles in Cuba | Gaviota Hoteles

Hostal Río Miel

The facility is a small 12-room city hostel located on a privileged setting on the sea promenade in Baracoa.

Hostal 1511 | Hotels in Cuba | Baracoa | Gaviota hoteles

Hostal 1511

The hostel is located in a privileged setting close to the historic centre of the city of Baracoa.

Villa Cabo de San Antonio | Pinar del Río Hotel Cuba | Gaviota Hotels

Villa Cabo San Antonio

Villa Cabo de San Antonio can be found at the north-western end of the Guanahacabibes Peninsula, just 3 km from the rock supporting the Roncali Lighthouse, surrounded by lush vegetation and the sea.

Hotel El Castillo | Hotels in Baracoa, Cuba | Gaviota Hoteles

Hotel El Castillo

The Castillo hotel is located on a hill which can be spotted from anywhere in the city, with excellent views of Baracoa and its surroundings.

Hostal La Habanera | Hostal in Cuba | Gaviota Hoteles

Hostal La Habanera

This hotel is located in a privileged setting, right in the historic heart of the city of Baracoa.

Villa Las Brujas in Cuba | Gaviota Hotels

Villa Las Brujas

Villa Las Brujas is located in the Villa Clara Keys in the headland of Punta Periquillo to the northeast of Cayo Las Brujas. It is approximately 41 km from the city of Caibarién over a rocky causeway above the sea, 3 km from the Cayo Las Brujas national airport and 110 km from the Abel Santamaría International Airport in the city of Santa Clara.

Hotel Kohly ***

Hotel Kohly ***

Havana, a city to relax, enjoy and feel the enthusiasm citizens show to tourists. Do not hesitate to visit the surroundings.

María la Gorda | Hotels in Cuba | Gaviota Hotels

María La Gorda

Designed especially for divers, although also a wonderful choice for eco-tourists and vacationers looking for a quiet and secluded place. The María la Gorda International Diving Center is located on the westernmost tip of Cuba in the Guanahacabibes peninsula, near Cabo Corrientes.

Villa Cayo Saetía | Hotels in Holguín | Gaviota Hoteles

Villa Cayo Saetía

This Villa is called after the town in which it is located. It a beautiful spot on the northern coast of the Holguín province, spanning over 42 square kilometres (16.21 square miles), and situated at the entry to the Nipe Bay, which is the biggest bay in Cuba.

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