As if it was a space for contemplation, the Hotel Los Frailes translates the visitor to the ambience of an abbey of the medieval era.

Monks represented in copper sculptures, religious altarpieces, as well as other details, comprise the decoration of this site convenient for resting. A lobby bar with art-works and stained-glass windows and a peaceful inner patio with a fountain and a well, turns the hotel into one of the most beautiful of the Centro Histórico.

The hotel employees, dressed in customs inspired in the clothes of the Franciscan monks, invite the guests to a singular ceremony.

Every Friday at six o’clock, with the sweet melody of the Ave Maria, they offer a glass of wine to the clients, as a sign of joy and hope, surrounded by the incense, then the sound of a bell indicates the urge to wake up from the “dream” and to venture into living something new. The guest will remember that he is not only “another one” but someone unique, coming home in search of quietness.


Welcome to la habana

Delight yourself in one of the most beautiful hotels in the Historical Centre. The hotel Los Frailes will place you in the atmosphere of a medieval abbey surrounded by Franciscan monks and religious altarpieces.

Calle Teniente Rey, entre Oficios y Mercaderes, La Habana Vieja

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