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Pinar del Río

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Few scenes in Cuba exhibit as much natural beauty as Pinar del Rio. Blessed by nature, it treasures two of the six World Biosphere Reserves on the island. The charm of its flora and fauna is a fundamental attraction of the province. Pinar del Río is a destination of outstanding interest for those who find in contact with nature a good reason to travel.

The province has been able to combine the comforts of modern life: hotels and restaurants, in a sustainable way so as not to damage the existing ecosystem.

To get to know Pinar del Río, there is nothing better than excursions and visits to its most famous scenery: the Viñales Valley declared Cultural Landscape of Humanity (UNESCO); The tourist complex Las Terrazas, a sustainable development community; Soroa, with her orchid and her beautiful waterfall; The ruins of 19th century French coffee plantations, the Laguna Grande reservoir, suitable for fishing; The cave system of St. Thomas, 45 km long; The International Diving Center María La Gorda, located in the Biosphere Reserve of Guanahacabibes, and the northern keys (Levisa, Paradise and Jutía), a complete complement of options in a region that retains and prides itself on its rich peasant traditions As well as being the land of the best tobacco in the world.

Pinar del Río is located in the westernmost portion of the island, bordered on the north by the Gulf of Mexico, on the south by the Gulf of Batabanó, on the west by the Yucatan strait, and on the east by the province of Havana.


María la Gorda | Hotels in Cuba | Gaviota Hotels

María La Gorda

Designed especially for divers, although also a wonderful choice for eco-tourists and vacationers looking for a quiet and secluded place. The María la Gorda International Diving Center is located on the westernmost tip of Cuba in the Guanahacabibes peninsula, near Cabo Corrientes.

Villa Cabo de San Antonio | Pinar del Río Hotel Cuba | Gaviota Hotels

Villa Cabo San Antonio

Villa Cabo de San Antonio can be found at the north-western end of the Guanahacabibes Peninsula, just 3 km from the rock supporting the Roncali Lighthouse, surrounded by lush vegetation and the sea.

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