• Varadero is Cuba's best-known beach and the main sun and beach tourist destination.


    Its open landscape, its vegetation, the warm climate, the transparency of the waters, the sand, white and fine, seems to have been sifted by the hand of Man, all these elements make Varadero a unique and unforgettable destination.

    In this paradisiacal point of Cuban geography, the attractions of nature are combined with the comfort of modern life. It is here that we find one of the main hotel infrastructures and other establishments on the island: hotels, cabarets, restaurants, water sports, golf course, etc... a whole range of options that satisfy the most demanding needs of visitors.

    French immigration at the end of the 18th century converted the city of Matanzas into a rich and cultural city, the most prosperous in the interior of the country. On its stages have passed important figures of the show such as Fanny Elssler and Ana Pavlova, Sara Bernhardt and Adelina Patti, considered the best soprano of all times. Among her visitors was Louis Philippe d'Orléans, who was later proclaimed King of France.

    To the south of Matanzas lies the Zapata Peninsula, one of Cuba's most important ecosystems, with the most important wetland reserve in the insular Caribbean. Its rich natural panorama provides a habitat for exceptional species of flora and fauna, characterised by its high level of endemism.

    Varadero is located 140km east of the city of Havana and 30km from Matanzas. The sun is shining for approximately 12 hours a day and the average temperature is 25ºC.

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