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Santiago de Cuba

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Santiago de Cuba, capital of the province of the same name, is usually attributed to two particularities that make it possible to repeat: its hospitable people, with a jovial, casual temperament and rich historical-cultural heritage.

For its inhabitants, music and history, Santiago is unquestionably unique in the context of Cuba. A cheerful town that will make you feel at home.

Beyond the city, are worth admiring nature and picturesque beaches, open to the Caribbean Sea on the south coast of the territory.

As in no other region of the country, races and cultures mingle and enrich in, as it is also known, "the most Caribbean of Cuban cities."

Santiago de Cuba is a town that is proud to belong to the only Hero City of the Republic of Cuba, a title that recognizes the extraordinary contribution of their children to the libertarian deeds of Cubans.


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Villa Gaviota Santiago

The Villa is located in the residential area of Vista Alegre, a few minutes from the historical, cultural and commercial center of the hospitable city of Santiago de Cuba, and only 10 km from the International Airport. The natural environment features extensive vegetation and large gardens that allow guests to feel that they are in contact with nature throughout their stay.


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