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Baracoa is the capital city of the municipality which bears the same name in the Oriente province, Cuba.

Located on the north coast of the eastern end of the island, it was founded in 1512, which makes it the first city to be colonised. It was built from the first moment to be a future city. Its founder was the advanced conqueror Diego de Velázquez. It also hosts the first town hall and it was the first capital of the island. The first church was built here and it was to be made into a cathedral in 1518 with its own bishop by Papal Bull issued by Pope Leo X, the great Pope of the Renaissance. Its first bishop was Fray Bernardino de Mesa, and its second bishop was Fray Juan Garcés, but they never managed to take office. The third bishop, Fray Juan White, relocated it to Santiago de Cuba and the bishopric became extinguished in 1522 by the Bull issued by Pope Adrian VI. This change was based on Velázquez´s relocation to Santiago de Cuba together with his main fellows. Only about 50 inhabitants would remain in the city. However, Baracoa was always unfortunately frequented by smugglers, buccaneers, pirates and people of that fatal sort for the cities.

The port pier was built in 1803, and the customs were established and authorised to make foreign trade by Royal Decree on May 8th, 1859 and in July of the same year the deputy government was created. In 1862, the first public lighting service was established. Before 1950, it already had various industries and a small but increasing volume of foreign trade. Due to a lack of regular and easy connections to the rest of the island, the National Aviation Company set up a regular service at an affordable price.


Hostal La Habanera | Hostal in Cuba | Gaviota Hoteles

Hostal La Habanera

This hotel is located in a privileged setting, right in the historic heart of the city of Baracoa.

Hostal La Rusa | Hotels in Cuba | Gaviota Hoteles

Hostal La Rusa

The hostel is situated in a privileged setting in front of the sea on the Baracoa esplanade, and it is a historic place as the famous Russian woman from Baracoa lived here until her death.

Baracoa, Cuba, Gaviota Hotels | Villa Maguana

Villa Maguana

Enjoy exclusive privacy, peace and comfort, only 20 Km (12.42 miles) away from the city of Baracoa.

Hostal Río Miel in Baracoa, Cuba | Hoteles in Cuba | Gaviota Hoteles

Hostal Río Miel

The facility is a small 12-room city hostel located on a privileged setting on the sea promenade in Baracoa.

Hotel Porto Santo | Hotels in Porto Santo | Gaviota Hoteles

Hotel Porto Santo

The Porto Santo hotel is located at one end of the Baracoa Bay, only 3 km (1.8 miles) away from the city, with excellent views on the Bay and the city, and a small beach in the vicinity of which a replica of the famous “Cruz de Parra” (The Grapevine Cross) can be found at the same place where it was planted by Christopher Columbus in 1492.

Hotel El Castillo | Hotels in Baracoa, Cuba | Gaviota Hoteles

Hotel El Castillo

The Castillo hotel is located on a hill which can be spotted from anywhere in the city, with excellent views of Baracoa and its surroundings.

Hostal 1511 | Hotels in Cuba | Baracoa | Gaviota hoteles

Hostal 1511

The hostel is located in a privileged setting close to the historic centre of the city of Baracoa.

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