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La Habana

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With a rich vein of history, culture and tradition,Havana, the capital of Cuba, is a cultural destination par excellence in the largest of the Antillesislands and one of the most enchanting cities in the world.

The Nobel Prize for Literature, Ernest Hemingway, used to say that only Venice and Paris surpassed it in beauty. A bustling city, maritime, open, cheerful and unprejudiced.A city that knows how to live its own inner life.

San Cristóbal de La Habana, the original name of the city, has many attractions: beautiful beaches, valuable original colonial architecture and numerous leisure opportunities. Home to the big hotels, the most splendid cabarets and the most famous restaurants.

In the Cuban capital events tourism is growing more and more each year. Water sports and health facilities also provide advantageous programs for development. You can also enjoy clubs, marinas, leisure parks, museums, theaters, sports facilities and excursions and tours in and around the city.

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Havana is located on the northwestern coast of the island of Cuba, to the south of the Straits of Florida. It is 145kilometersfrom Varadero, 315 kilometers from Trinidad de Cuba, 568 kilometers from Jardines del Rey, 735 kilometers from Holguin and 879 kilometers from Santiago de Cuba.

Hotel - Hotel Marqués de Prado Ameno

Hotel Marqués de Prado Ameno

The Hotel Marqués de Prado Ameno has reborn in the midst of arcades and stone columns, with the spirit of the old years and the elegance of a place distinguished by the explosion of color. Fragments of its mural paintings from different epochs adorn the walls of galleries and rooms, while pieces collected from archeological excavations comprise the hotel’s decoration.

Hotel Kohly ***

Hotel Kohly ***

Havana, a city to relax, enjoy and feel the enthusiasm citizens show to tourists. Do not hesitate to visit the surroundings.

Hotel Ambos Mundos

Hotel Ambos Mundos

Ernest Hemingway had many reasons when he said that the Hotel Ambos Mundos is a good place for writing. It was here that he finished his book “Death in the Afternoon” (1932), and started his novels “New Green Hills of Africa” (1935) and “To have and have not” (1937). The room No. 511, where the Nobel Prize in Literature stayed during the thirties of the past century, is nowadays a small museum treasuring several of his belongings.

Hotel Palacio O'Farril

Hotel Palacio O’Farrill

Palacio O’Farrill hotel at its origins happened to be the residence of Don José Ricardo O’Farrill and O’Daly, was a rich trader who came from the County of Longford, in Ireland, and arrived in Havana in 1715. He became the owner of several sugarcane mills, was linked to the slave trade and founded one of the wealthiest families of the country’s colonial era.

Hostal - Hostal Valencia

Hostal Valencia

The hostel occupies the house at the corner of the Oficios and Obrapia Streets, a residence built in the seventeenth century, exhibiting features of Arab influence in its architecture. The ancient house’s owner was Baltasar Sotolongo y González-Carvajal, who served as Havana’s alcalde ordinario (regular major) in 1781, and in December, 1803 at the time of his death, was Regidor del Ayuntamiento (Alderman of the city Council).

El Bosque Hotel ***

Hotel El Bosque ***

As its name suggests, this 4,298.46 m² hotel is located in the “Havana Forest” or the former Botanical Gardens, surrounded by exotic tropical vegetation.

Hotel Raquel

Hotel Raquel

Originally built in 1905 for offices, fabric’s storage and deposit purposes, the building the hotel currently occupies reached three years later its current appearance, and by 1912 their dwellers had consolidated as a fabrics-importing company. 

Hotel Los Frailes

Hotel Los Frailes

Hotel Los Frailes stands in the ancient house of the Marqués Pedro Pablo Duquesne, captain of the French Navy, and the fourth holder of this title, who arrived in Havana in 1763 after the death of the king Luis XVI.

Hotel - Hotel Terral

Hotel Terral

Free Wi-Fi now available! The Hotel Terral is the only Habaguanex hotel located at the Malecón, the famous Havana’s coast-line avenue. In front of the so-called “city’s porch”, the installation owes its name to its privileged location, which facilitates the building receiving the nocturnal air currents blowing from land, in Spanish called “terral”.

Hotel - Hotel Santa Isabel

Hotel Santa Isabel

La Habana villa stands, in all its splendor, the Hotel Santa Isabel, a place keeping the traces of ship-owners, artists, businessmen and illustrious travelers.

Hotel - Hotel Beltrán de Santa Cruz

Hotel Beltrán de Santa Cruz

Illustrious personalities visiting the city were guests at the house nowadays occupied by the Hotel Beltrán de Santa Cruz. At this elegant eighteenth century mansion stayed the German Baron Alejandro de Humboldt, the eminent scientist who has been considered as Cuba’s Second Discoverer, as well as three French princes: the Count of Beaujolais and the Dukes of Montpensier and Orleáns; the latter having become afterwards the King of France, Luis Felipe I.

Hotel Park View

Hotel Park View

The Hotel Park View, built in 1928, used to be one of the most exclusive in Havana. Featured by the American style of the time, its modernity and economic prices.

Hotel - San Miguel

Hotel San Miguel

The Hotel San Miguel, located close to the Havana Bay, stands in a building acquired and modified around 1923 by Mr. Antonio San Miguel and Segalá, a cultural promoter and distinguished writer, who had been the Director of the La Lucha, a Havana’s newspaper of great importance during the 1895 Independence War.

Hotel - Hotel del Tejadillo

Hotel del Tejadillo

Hotel del Tejadillo occupies a building with a peculiar layout, the result of the fusion of three mansions from the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth century.

Hotel - Hotel El Comendador

Hotel El Comendador

With an architecture resembling the city’s most ancient Hispanic-Mudejar houses, the hotel occupies a residence built in the eighteenth century, and belonging in the nineteenth, to the family of Don Pedro Regalado Pedroso y Zayas, Commander of the Order of Isabel la Católica.

Hotel Conde de Villanueva

Hotel Conde de Villanueva

Sobriety and intimacy distinguish the ambience of this hotel located at the place that used to be the mansion of Claudio Martínez de Pinillos, Count of Villanueva, a famous personality of the nineteenth century, who had great influence in the social and economic flowering of the Island.

Hotel - Hotel Palacio Cueto

Hotel Palacio Cueto

Nestled in the historic centre of Old Havana and designed by a little-known architect, Arturo Marqués, the building is located on the corner of Inquisidor and Muralla streets in the Plaza Vieja, the colonial heart of the capital city.

Hotel Habana 612

Hotel Habana 612

In the very heart of Old Havana, the Hotel Habana 612 is a place recreated by the arts and crafts, inserted in the daily life of the twenty-first century.

Hotel - Hotel Florida

Hotel Florida

Histories of illustrious families, like the ones of the Counts of San Ignacio and Casa More, and of opulent businessmen surround the building nowadays occupied by the Hotel Florida, founded in 1885. Adapted to the likings of the American and European markets, this became one of the Cuban capital most renowned hotel. The building sheltered a hotel until 1952, and during the thirties it was also the site of the Club Británico de La Habana.

Hotel Armadores de Santander | La Habana Vieja | Habaguanex

Hotel Armadores de Santander

Armadores de Santander occupies three buildings from different epochs and styles, which have been submitted to a rehabilitation process for adapting them to their new function. Nowadays recognized by their facades showing different colors, these three edifices together form the hotel, where the distinctive seals and the original elements have been respected, such as the Carrara marble stairs, the central cupola with its paintings, several walls in the rooms and the interior columns at the bar and the lobby.

Hotel Marqués de Cárdenas de Montehermoso

Hotel Marqués de Cárdenas de Montehermoso

Located on Oficios and Amargura streets in the Plaza de San Francisco de Asis, very near Havana Bay. This 5-star hotel was inaugurated to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Havana.

Hotel Palacio del Marqués de San Felipe y Santiago de Bejucal

Hotel Palacio del Marqués de San Felipe y Santiago de Bejucal

History and modernity merge into this building who was the property of Don Sebastian de Peñalver to the end of the eighteenth century and, early at the following century, it passed onto the IV Marquis of San Felipe y Santiago successors.

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