The Grupo de Turismo Gaviota S.A. has already 29 years of experience in the sector, and more than 60 hotels and villas with 27000 rooms located in the areas with the highest tourist interest in the country. Important economic results support an annual growth of the hotel plant of 12.8%, reaching by the year 2025, 52,000 rooms.

This development imposes the need to maintain the effective management of our hotel and tourism services; for which Grupo Gaviota S.A. has established as a fundamental line of business, the search for association with International Hotel Chains, employing Administration and Commercialization Contracts that provide us with the following elements:

- An internationally recognized Trademark.

- A well-positioned Reserve System.

- An Advertising and Promotion System that impacts the different markets..

- Methods and procedures of management and marketing accredited.

- Hiring managers with endorsed international experience.

- Transmission of knowledge and training of our workers.

Thus, the Grupo de Turismo Gaviota S.A. expresses its interest to continue developing a fruitful collaboration with its commercial partners, and at the same time, continue to consolidate progressively the Cuban tourist landscape.

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