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Located on Guardalavaca Road in Playa Pesquero, 743 kilometers from Havana

Alongside fine white sand and crystal-clear waters lies the Playa Pesquero Hotel. This magnificent beach is 70 kilometer from Frank Pais international airport" in the province of Holguin.

The north coast, home to Playa Pesquero, has a rich natural environment as it is within the Cristóbal Colón National Park and alongside one of the most important routes taken by migratory birds on the island.
Other attractions are provided by the history of the region, particularly in Bariay Cayo, where the first encounter between the Europeans and the aboriginal people took place and the Chorro de Maíta Indocuban Museum, which offers the most important collections of pre-Columbian culture in Las Antilles, as the chief witness of the coexistence of both cultures.

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