Test Contest 2022

This year we invite you once again to participate in the online version of the Digital Nature 2022 International Photography Contest, whose grand prize will be free participation in the next X edition of the International Digital Nature Photography Contest, to be held in the Topes de Collantes Protected Natural Landscape.

All people who wish, whether they are professionals or amateurs with nature photographs from anywhere in the world, can participate. Each participant may submit a maximum of 4 photographs, one per category, in black and white and/or color. The images must be original, unpublished and not awarded in other contests.


The submission of the works will close on June 30 and will be done through the form that appears at https://www.gaviotahotels.com/es/eventos-en-cuba/concurso-fotografia-naturaleza


The results will be announced through the Facebook and Instagram social networks.


You will compete in the following CATEGORIES:

LANDSCAPE: Natural environment that has not been substantially altered by man, or that persists despite human intervention.

FLORA AND FAUNA: Plants and animals in their natural environment, highlighting the behavior of the species and particular characteristics.

MAN AND NATURE: Images that illustrate both the care of the environment and the problems caused by pollution. In general, the life and work of man in these natural contexts may also be the target of snapshots.

MACRO-PHOTOGRAPHY: This name is commonly referred to as the type of photographic image that is taken very close to the object in question.



The contestant will change the name that his camera assigned to him as exemplified below:


- Original name assigned to the camera (eg_DSC01234)

- Name to compete (Name and Surname_CATEGORIES), for example: PedroPérez_LANDSCAPE



Photos must be uploaded in JPEG format not exceeding 500KB. The dimensions of the largest side of the photo will be at least 2000px; and crop ratios 3:2, 2:3, 4:3, 3:4, 1:1, and 16:9 (digital panoramas).

The photo cannot be stamped with watermarks or the date, without the addition of frames, borders or captions.



All the images in the contest, whether awarded or not, may be used by the Gaviota Tourism Group in the divulgation of its products and services, acknowledging the credit of the author. The images in competition or awarded will not be marketed in any way by the Gaviota Tourism Group without prior agreement with the author.

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