Underwater Photography Contest

This year we are preparing the XI Edition of the IMASUB 2023 Underwater Photography Contest, that will take place from July 10 to July 15 at its usual venue in Maria La Gorda.

All those who wish to participate, whether they are professionals or amateurs, may do so. Participation includes a night in Havana city, transportation, accommodation, meals for 5 days in Maria la Gorda, and dives in search of the winning photos.

Maria La Gorda seabed keeps the sharpest contrasts for the practice of underwater photography due to the transparency of its waters, which allows visibility of up to 30 meters of longitudinal distance in depths.


The competition will be divided into the following CATEGORIES:

MACRO: Any photo in which the subject is recorded as life size or larger on the camera's image sensor, also known as a 1:1 (or greater) reproduction ratio. As a guideline, macro subjects are generally 6 inches in diameter or smaller and shot with a lens focal length greater than 35mm.

MODELED ENVIRONMENT: In addition to reflecting the general appearance offered by the various types of seabed, it also includes the image of man interacting with this seabed.

WIDE ANGLE: Any photo showing an angle of view wider than the human eye (35mm focal length), including wide angle photos (half in the water, half out) and close focus wide angle photos.

MARINE LIFE PORTRAIT: A portrait of an underwater animal including fish, sharks, sea lions, octopus, seabirds, etc. The portrait usually focuses on a single subject and shows its personality. Portraits can be full body or framed tightly around the face/head.

NIGHT MARINE LIFE PORTRAIT: An underwater photograph showing nocturnal marine life. It is important that it can be perceived in the photo that the exposure is of nocturnal life only, although living elements of both diurnal and nocturnal habits are acceptable.

MARINE LIFE BEHAVIOR: An underwater photograph showing marine life in action (e.g., feeding, cleaning, training, yawning, playing).

EVENT THEME: An underwater photograph showing the theme selected by the organizing committee together with the jury of the event and which will be used to promote the event next year. The chosen theme will be announced at the pre-competition briefing.

REEF LANDSCAPE: Any photo where the living reef is the subject of the photo, similar to an underwater landscape shot. Reef landscapes may use the close focus wide-angle technique and may also incorporate large fish, divers or other animals, as long as they are shown in the reef habitat among the hard and soft corals, sponges and other reef life.




The competitor shall change the name assigned to the works by his/her camera as exemplified below:

Original name assigned by the camera (e.g., _DSC01234).

Name to contest (Name and Surname_CATEGORIES), for example: PedroPérez_MACRO.



Photos must be uploaded in JPEG format not exceeding 500 KB. The dimensions of the larger side of the photo must be at least 2000 px; and the cropping ratios 3:2, 2:3, 4:3, 3:4, 1:1 and 16:9 (digital panoramas).

The photo may not be stamped with watermarks or date, no frame, border or caption additions.



All images in competition, whether awarded or not, may be used by Gaviota Tourism Group S.A. in the dissemination of its products and services, acknowledging the author's credit. The images in competition or awarded will not be in any way commercialized by Gaviota Tourism Group S.A. without prior agreement with the author.


Contact us for more information at esp3.promocion@gaviota.cu, comercial10.ventas@gaviotatours.cu, comercial8.ventas@gaviotatours.cu or by the Facebook page of the International Diving Center Maria La Gorda (@CIBMarialaGorda).

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