De-escalation of the measures taken regarding Covid-19 for tourist services.

    What are the main modifications to the protocols for tourist services in the new normality?

    - Social distancing of 2.0 meters is eliminated for all spaces. 

    - Mandatory use of nasobuco or disposable mask by all customers in common areas is eliminated.

    - The filling out of the Client Declaration/vaccination card is eliminated for national tourists, as a sworn declaration of their state of health and of not coming from a risk area and/or in quarantine. 

    - The limitation of the Night Centers of the accommodation facilities only for guests is eliminated. 

    - Restitution of non-hotel services according to design capacity, guaranteeing compliance with hygiene and protection measures. 

    - Promote the use of a nasobuco or disposable mask by vulnerable people and in crowded places where physical distancing is not possible. 

    - Eliminate the use of footsteps and the disinfection of luggage. 


    What remains in the protocols for tourist services in the new normality?

    - Tourism + Hygienic and Safe certification program. 

    - Active investigation during the stay of tourists with the presence of doctors, nurses and technicians in hygiene and epidemiology, 24 hours a day. 

    - Daily remote measurement of body temperature at customer entrances. 

    - Visitors should not enter the facility or use its services if they have symptoms consistent with COVID-19. 

    - Mandatory hand disinfection with 0.1% hypochlorite or 70% hydroalcoholic solution, surfaces: with 0.5% hypochlorite or 70% hydroalcoholic solution.


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