International Digital Nature Photography Contest

XII Edition of the International Digital Nature Photography Contest 2024

The Gaviota Tourism Group invites you to participate in the XII Edition of the International Digital Nature Photography Contest 2024, to be held on September 16-20 in the Topes de Collantes Protected Natural Landscape.

This destination covers an area of more than twenty thousand hectares in the provinces of Villa Clara, Cienfuegos and Sancti Spíritus, with elevations ranging between 250 and 900 meters above sea level.

This protected area stands out for the richness and exclusivity of its biodiversity, it has an attractive landscape made up of lush forests, multiple rivers and streams with waterfalls and natural pools of crystalline waters.

Participation is open to anyone who wishes to participate, whether they are professionals or amateurs. Participation includes guide service, overnight stay in Havana, transportation, lodging and meals for 5 days at the Hotel Los Helechos.

The competition will be held in the following CATEGORIES:

LANDSCAPE: Photographs of scenery of this Protected Natural Landscape; and each of its theme parks, including natural phenomena, geological processes, climatic conditions, mountains, forests, rivers, streams, waterfalls and waterfalls, and in general any kind of natural environment that has not been substantially altered by man, or that persists despite human intervention.

FLORA AND FAUNA: Plants and animals in their natural environment, highlighting species behavior and particular characteristics.

MAN AND NATURE: Images that illustrate the care of the environment, as well as the problems that arise from pollution, indiscriminate deforestation and other events that threaten Nature. Representation of the of Topes de Collantes inhabitants’ way of life, their customs and popular culture; festivities, traditions and idiosyncrasy.

MACRO-PHOTOGRAPHY: Commonly referred to by that name as the type of photographic image that is taken very close to the object in question.


All images in competition, whether awarded or not, may be used by Grupo de Turismo Gaviota, S.A. in the release of its products and services, acknowledging the author's credit. The images in competition or awarded will not be in any way commercialized by Grupo de Turismo Gaviota, S.A. without prior agreement with the author.

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